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Clare Harford

Yoga Teacher and Reflexologist
Based in Rishikesh and Lucca Tuscany Italy

From my first experience of yoga (over 25 years ago), whilst travelling in India and Nepal, I was hooked. I sought out yoga classes and Ayurvedic workshops everywhere I travelled and began to build my own personal practice. Since then yoga has been my “Go to” in times of stress and my constant companion at every stage of my life. From running an international production business, becoming a wife and mother right through to becoming a Reflexology therapist and Yoga Teacher and dealing with the delights of the Menopause. I believe yoga has kept me balanced and grounded and given me a special inner strength to cope with all that life has thrown at me. I am constantly learning and applying that new found knowledge to my own personal practice and my teaching.

I want to share Yoga’s gifts in my teaching. My Classes, Workshops and Retreats focus on women’s health, balancing hormones and re-connecting us to mother nature and our feminine wisdom and shakti power. Mixing classic yoga postures with fluid shakti vinyasa’s and nourishing relaxation with yoga nidra. I also offer sound healing baths for a truly deep vibrational relaxation experience.

I am an AOR (Association of Reflexologist) trained Reflexologist with 15 years experience, specialising in Women’s Health at all stages of life pregnancy planning and fertility, reflexology for pregnancy and post-delivery, hormone balance and menopause.

If any of the above is of interest to you or you want to find out more, please make contact.