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Clare Harford

Yoga Teacher, Reflexologist, Ayurvedic Councelor, Sound Healer and Retreat guide ABTA independent travel agent.

Clare Harford, born in the UK, has led a rich and privileged life, having lived in various places such as Australia, Italy, and most recently India. Her profound journey into yoga commenced during her backpacking adventures in India in the late 1980s, becoming a cornerstone of support through various life transitions and pivotal moments. This foundation, coupled with her extraordinary travel experiences, laid the path for a remarkable career as a Corporate Event Producer in the 1990s, organizing roadshows for prestigious clients like British Airways, BAA, American Airlines, and Delta, to name a few. Her projects spanned across various states in the US, as well as international cities like Moscow, London, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, Amsterdam, and Paris, to orchestrate unforgettable events with substantial budgets.

Amidst her intensive travel and professional endeavors, Clare’s dedication to her yoga practice provided a grounding force, even during challenging times of grief, which ultimately revealed her inherent healing abilities. Witnessing the transformative power of holistic therapies firsthand, she pursued training as a Reflexologist and further specialized in fertility Reflexology in Denmark. Armed with exceptional results from her practice, she established her own Reflexology practice in Royal Tunbridge Wells, UK, offering profound support to her fertility clients.

Fuelled by her passion for yoga and holistic healing, Clare embarked on a journey to become a Yoga teacher and therapist, specializing in yoga for Women and Yoga therapy for fertility, peri-menopause, and menopause, guided by the renowned Uma Dinsmore Tuli of Yoni Shakti fame. Additionally, she expanded her repertoire to encompass Sound healing and Shamanic practices, integrating them as powerful modalities to empower and heal her clients. Clare’s dedication to learning and growth led her to undertake an apprenticeship with Red School, co-authors of Wild Power, where she emerged as a menstrual medicine counselor. She also played an instrumental role in assisting on year long Yoga Teacher Training programs with her teacher, Debbie Avani, and imparted wisdom through numerous workshops for newly trained yoga teachers, enriching their knowledge and offerings.

Clare’s unique approach is rooted in her Āyurvedic lifestyle, training, and personal Sadhana, augmented by her experiences as a Sri Vidyā Upasaka. Continuously deepening her Āyurvedic knowledge, she recently commenced her NAMA certified 600 hour Ayurvedic Councelor course and is learning directly from Dr Satrujit Kerol to be able to add to her offerings empowering women through the transitions of life.

Complementing her yoga journey, Clare’s innate desire to share transformative experiences led her to organize retreats to sacred sites in the UK, including Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury, and Ayurvedic shankaprakshalanas in Cornwall. Over time, she expanded her offerings to include invigorating Yoga retreats in Italy, Greece, and her spiritual odyssey came full circle with retreats in India, Rishikesh, and Kerala, as well as sacred pilgrimages to Kamakhya, Odesa, and the Chardam Kedarnath and Badrinath. Imbued with her life’s calling (dharma), Clare chose to reside in Rishikesh, embracing and embodying the Vedic way of life while generously sharing her wisdom with others.

In addition to her Yoga therapy and Ayurvedic endeavours, Clare is a certified independent Travel Agent with UK ABTA accreditation. She has collaborated with an Indian Travel Agent, extending her support to fellow yoga teachers, enabling them to offer their retreats, tours, and pilgrimages anywhere in the world with expert guidance and assistance.

Clare Harford’s exceptional journey, multifaceted expertise, and commitment to spiritual growth make her a truly exceptional guide, healer, and facilitator for transformative experiences that touch the lives of countless individuals worldwide.

I want to share Yoga’s gifts in my teaching. My Classes, Workshops and Retreats focus on women’s health, balancing hormones and re-connecting us to mother nature and our feminine wisdom and shakti power. Mixing classic yoga postures with fluid shakti vinyasa’s